Al Shahba
Real Estate

Company Origin

Serving the Sharjah Greater Area Since 1999

Al Shahba emblem is derived from the Founder’s family name and 34 year history in the United Arab Emirates.

The “Al Shelh” family name is defined by the creation of a new bee hive once the Queen Bee matures. The Founder 34 year history in the United Arab Emirates allowed his experience to mature into creating his own Real Estate hive. As seen in the emblem, the left and right building emulate bees coming together in forming a new building hive. 

The Founder is personally responsible for developing over 250 buildings in the Sharjah Greater Area. We pride ourselves in building on the years of experience by creating better homes for the public and continuing on our building maintenance quality. 

Our Core Values

Making Real Estate Simple @ The Heart Of Sharjah

“The finest souls are those who gulped pain and avoided making others taste it.”
Nizar Qabbani

“أرقى النفوس هي التي تجرعت الألم فتجنبت أن تذيق الآخرين مرارته”
نزار قبانى

Quality of Building Maintenance . Contractual Simplicity . Home Security