Property Leasing Quotation

Property Leasing Regulation

General Leasing Regulations

  • Annal contract payment is made with 4 pre-dated cheques.
    •  1st cheque or in cash with all fees related to the contract must be paid within the first week of the leasing contract.
  • All bounced cheques that are not paid within 24 business hours, will have a 250 AED penalty fee. Every business day additional 100 AED fine will be attached to the total fee penalty.
  • All given cheques are deposited 3 months before cheque date.

Residential Leasing Required Documents

  • Family Lease, personal passport and Emirates ID of the husband and wife.
  • Bachelor Lease, personal passport and Emirates ID.

Commercial Leasing General Leasing Regulations

  • Company Licence, copy.
  • Personal Passport and Emirates ID of the owner and any partners in the business.